drawn to the intersection of liminal spaces, both visually and sonically

Using both digital and analog tools, Rafael Altman creates audio & visual art. Comprised of subtle textures juxtaposed in compelling ways, and simple forms which grow into complex, ever-changing structures. While each piece is highly personal, they are aimed at universal connection – To move the viewer//listener by offering a way deeper into the moment, into the realm of dreams and archtypes.

Rafael’s music is informed by a childhood of keyboard and tape-sampling adventures, along with a passion for DJing since his teens, all resulting in a deep joy of disappearing into the universe of synths and drum machines. From ambient to downtempo, and into house thru techno, no matter the genre Rafael’s music always has a distinctive style and feel - moody yet playful and always with a pulsing rhythm. Each track an attempt at encapsulating a moment, an encounter or feeling, often made by weaving and editing together live recordings and sessions.

Rafael’s visual art is comprised of still photography, motion & stopmotion video, as well as audio//visual pieces and site-specific installations. While informed by a very diverse visual palette, there is the cohesive feeling of looking thru a single eye at a multitude of subjects. In a time where everything suggests speeding up, Rafael’s Audio//Visual works often invite’s the viewer to a different pace. To examine the world around, and to explore the world within.

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